Overdressed for Easter Great Gatsby Style

Ahh Easter, one of my favorite holidays that no one ever gets a day off for. Every year despite how cold it is, I wear something light and cute because if I wear springy clothes I hope it’ll will nice weather into existence. It usually doesn’t work but this year it was actually gorgeous out. It was then immediately followed by a random week of snow. Alas!

I went home for Easter this year to visit my parents in lovely Western NY. I love Western NY because all of my high school friends left so I have virtually no social obligations aside from sitting around and getting drunk with family and neighbors. I’m usually super busy so I like being forced to slow down a bit.



Anyway, I’m a big fan of the dress I’m wearing and I’ve been wanting one like if for some time. I love the 1920s and flapper style dresses, so this was right up my alley. Oddly enough, it’s actually very heavy, (but not uncomfortably so) because of the beading. It’s a little like wearing a suit of armor, but like a really pretty suit of armor.

The handbag I have is actually a vintage piece from the 60s-70s. It was my mom’s. She kept a lot of her old clothes/jewelry etc. (my favorite coat in the world is hers) so every now and again I’ll ‘go shopping’ in the basement closet. Lots of good stuff in there! My mom is a classy lady.

In my parents dining room, feeling awkward, trying to explain what a fashion blog is.

I got the shall thing I’m wearing from Buffalo Exchange, a consignment shop chain. You won’t really save any money there but they’ve got some great pieces.

The necklace I’m wearing is from Nervous System. It’s one of my favorite pieces, pretty much ever. Nervous System is an amazing design studio out of Somerville, MA, that bases all their work off of biological elements. (I think my necklace is based off of a neuron.) Along with jewelry, they do lighting, puzzles and some of their pieces are 3D printed. Fancy!

Oddly enough, the shoes I’m wearing are actually from my senior prom, like 1,000 years ago. Somehow they managed to survive for quite some time, they still look nice and are pretty comfortable, so why not? Also, they are probably the classiest clear heals you’ll ever see.



…and last but not least, lacy nail stickers from Essie! I love nail stickers because they are super quick to apply, look amazing and you can go right back to your normal routine immediately after putting them on. I have a nasty habit of smudging my nail polish pretty much right away, because I can’t sit still long enough for them to dry, so these work great for me.

As a side note, I didn’t get a great detail photo of my hair, but I did it based off of a style in The Art of Hair: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Braids, Buns, Curls And More, by Rubi Jones. It took a little practice but its actually pretty easy as long as you have enough gel and hair pins. I highly recommend the book. It demystified a lot of hair styling technique for me, since this is the first time I’ve worn my hair long in years.

Action shot at Savoia’s!

After all that primping, Easter was super fun. The Saturday before we always go to my favorite bakery in my hometown, Savoia’s and buy damn near everything. The next we go to a fancy-smacy brunch. Then we all end of falling asleep when we get home, because there is only so much you can eat before going comatose.

That’s all for now! And no worries, more comedy related posts to come!

<3 Christa