Summer is here! Finally! I’m a big fan of tiki and Hawaiian pieces but they look a little ridiculous in the middle of winter, so I’m super stoked to bust them out after all this time. I wore this dress out for a night of margaritas with my manfriend. I suppose a pina coladas would have been more appropriate but umm have you every tried to drink more than one of them without getting brain freeze all night long? I dare say, you have not.

Anyway, I never really wear long dresses to perform, because, I dunno, it feels weird? Either way, I love this outfit so I figured it was worth documenting since occasionally I make it a point to act like a normal person. (As close as I can get to that anyway. )



I got the dress from one of my favorite online reatilor’s, Plasticland. They have a lot of fun punky, gothy, vintage inspired and pinup type stuff. I also bought some dishtowels there. And this funky octopus pillow. And this vest with an octupus man on it. And then I had to unsubscribe from their email list because I kept buying stuff. You’ve been warned.

I got the flower clip from a little jewelry/accessories store in Provincetown, MA. The earrings are another bargain bin find from SoGood Jewelry, which unfortunately has closed. Boooo! The little pearly bracelet is from Lou Lou in Downtown Crossing and the teal green bracelet is from Micheal’s. Yes, the craft store. They have jewelry there for some reason and every and once and awhile it goes on crazy sale…probably because no one goes to Micheal’s for jewelry.


This dress has a bunch of holes in it…in a good way.


I decided to have some fun with my nails because I found little desert nail stickers. I pretty much had to. These were only $1.50 from Primark. Primark stores are only in Boston right now, but you can buy nail stickers all over the place. I’ve gotten them at a bunch of drug stores and you can even find them at TJ Maxx sometimes.




Application is pretty easy. Just paint your nails whatever color you want, wait for them to dry, (seriously, I kinda jumped the gun a bit on mine) and seal with a top coat. Then wish for an actual cupcake, because a nail cupcake is a pale shadow of what you actually want. Then put on some chocolate flavored lipgloss and pretend it doesn’t bother you. (It does.)


I don’t particularly care if it doesn’t really match my outfit. It was worth it.

That’s all for now, but summer’s just beginning, so they’ll be much more Tiki inspired stuff where that came from! Also, we can still say Tiki, right? Is Tiki racist? It seems racist. Are you mad? I hope you’re not mad. Please don’t hate me.


My lady-focused comedy show, Broad Appeal is BACK June 15th with headliner Alison Klemp!

Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA.
$5 suggested donation

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