Tattooed like a Sailor (aka another mermaid post but at least this dress is wearable)

Hey, have you guys noticed a theme lately? Nope? Me neither. Don’t worry this is the last mermaid related post for awhile…until I feel like posting one again. I can’t help it. I just grew up loving mythological stuff and aside from the fact that I have to pay rent/have a job/feel mostly dead inside, the part of me that likes mermaids has stuck around. Also this particular dress has the added bonus of looking like some really beautiful tattoo flash, a thing I’ve loved since I was a teenager and realized I could swear.

So, what you can get from this post is that I haven’t changed much since I was 6 and 14 respectively, only instead of being bratty/angry at nothing specific, I’m jaded/angry about lots of specifics, most of which I have absolutely no control over. Then I bitch about it on stage and feel like I’m doing something. I live a charmed life.



I digress. I randomly discovered this dress from a specialty clothing place on Instagram. When I realized it was from a brick and mortar store (formally just called ‘stores’) in another state, I found the designer and went strait to the source/internet. This baby is from Sourpuss Clothing. They are a great brand that has a lot of punk/vintagesque/pinup/tattoo inspired stuff, which is right up my alley. I’ve known about them forever, but somehow this is my first dress from them.


Wooo naked ladies!

I got the sugar skull earrings from Nomad in Cambridge, MA, one of my favorite stores ever. They have lots of nifty Central/South American jewelry, fair trade clothing, stuff made from alpaca wool and random art, homegoods and nicknacks.

The flower hair clip is from a little accessories store in Provincetown, MA and the bracelet is from the clearance section at Michael’s.

I’ve worn this dress on a couple of shows and I’m a big fan. I have an aversion to long dresses on stage. This fits the bill of being short, but not too short, is actually comfortable and has a nice pop while not being too weird.

I don’t have an shot of myself wearing the dress onstage BUT I wore it to my most recent Broad Appeal show and took a bunch pictures of other comics. So…you can see photos I took of other people while I was wearing the dress, which you are not going to see. Think of it like a first person shooter game except no one gets murdered or called a variety of slurs by an 11 year old boy. You are experiencing the dress from my lens. Yes. This makes sense.

I think.

Anyway here’s some photos.

Headliner Alison Klemp from NYC!
Pam Ross!
Kenice Mobley! An empty chair!

…also there were a bunch of other comics there and they were all great. Sorry boys on the show, none of you are fabulous enough to make it on my blog…not like you’d want to.

That’s all for now! Tune in next time when I will most likely be wearing something I wore to a BBQ, before it gets covered in ketchup and beer.