Pineapples, Vermont and my thoughts about becoming an expatriate

Words you guys, and pictures. Man, there are so many words and pictures I’m avoiding putting together right now, I don’t even know what to do. This seems like the easiest combo of words and pictures I need to get finished, so here we are.

I went to Burlington, Vermont for a comedy show this weekend, with my partner in crime/comedy person Phoebe Angle. Oh boy, do I love Burlington. Its like a magical wonderland filled with people who mostly agree with me and also lots of dairy products, beer and greenery. It was pretty amazing.


I dare you to find a more picturesque porch! I DARE YOU!


Phoebe’s aunt was nice enough to let us stay with her in her awesome log cabin a half hour outside of Burlington. It was wedged between a bobcat preserve and a bunch of farmland. It’s totally the type I’ve place I’d love to live someday, if I could ever pull my shit together, which I won’t.

I also found it slightly terrifying because it was so remote. I watch too many shitty horror movies. I’m well aware that it’s far more likely for me to be killed in a random mugging in the city than by a monster/ghost/serial killer in the middle of nowhere but that’s not going to make me stop being terrified when the only thing I can hear is crickets and silence and not constant construction, traffic and people yelling at each other for no reason. I might not thrive on chaos but I certainly am used to it.


I probably should have taken my photo in front of this mural, but I didn’t. We all have our regrets.


During the day we traipsed around Burlington. Mostly, this consisted of buying cheese, drinking, finding random stores filled with crystals and going to a fancy tapas place that replaced the silverware so many times in between courses that I think we used more than I actually own. It was awesome.


Sweet Jesus, everything in this place is adorable.


As such, I have officially named Burlington, “One of the places I would retire to if I ever wanted to completely cut myself off from anyone who as ever disagreed with me and also Walmart.”

Other places on this list are Ithaca, NY, which is basically Burlington with a gorge and Monteverde Costa Rica, which is on top of a mountain in the middle of the rainforest, complete with several coffee plantations. Some days I feel like I’m roughly 2.5 national tragedies/comedy festival rejections away from becoming an expatriate, so DON’T FUCKING PUSH ME. Also please book me.




…..AAAAnyway I should probably talk about fashion now. I got this dress in a weird little dress/surf shop in Provincetown in Cape Cod, MA. It’s by Ocean Drive Clothing Co. The beaded necklace was another piece of jewelry that my mom used to wear in the ’70s. The earrings are by Amano Studio. The ring was a souvenir my parents gave me when they visited the Dominican Republic. The jean jacket is from the consignment shop chain, Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square. The purse is by Guess but I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I bought it from Marshalls. Also, in the great Vermont tradition of comfortable footwear, the shoes are from BOC. It’s a great brand that makes cute shoes that you can actually walk in without looking like you’re wearing something from your Grandma’s closet.

I don’t really talk about make up much but in case your wondering, since it’s absurdly bright, I’m wearing a liquid lipstick from Revlon called Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in HD Spark. I LOVE how pigmented it is, but unfortunately, it’s not one of those ‘all day wear’ type liquid lipsticks, so you have to reapply a bit more than I’d like. It looks great though, just keep in mind, if you’re eating or drinking, it’s pretty much going to end up everywhere. You’ve been warned.




The show itself was a ton of fun. It was at a bar/crepe place/venue, because that’s a thing in Vermont. A delightful thing. There were a ton of super cool Vermont comics there and everyone had a grand old time.


Wooo comedy!


It also bears mentioning that there were murals damn near everywhere in Burlington, including in a long hallway filled with rainforest sounds on the way to the bathroom of the venue… which is how this happened.


It’s right behind me, isn’t it?


After that we headed back home, immediately got a flat tire, got the flat tire fixed and drove back to Boston. And when I say drove I mean mostly Phoebe drove because I am the worst.

And just for the hell of it, here’s a clip from a set a did in the same dress from a show I did with PYPO Network. Cheers!



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