Zee Cape!

Hey you guys! About a month ago I went on vacation. Then I did a comedy festival, was in the middle of a screenwriting class, did a bunch of shows and now, now I have run out of excuses. Summer has certainly happened and I’ve taken a bunch of pictures to prove it. Here’s my adventure on Cape Cod, complete with absolutely no photos of the beach! (Oops!)

Self-made manicure.

Every year my family rents a house out on Cape Cod and we all invite a few friends to come with us. The Cape is a magical land where I don’t have to do much of anything except eat clam chowder, go to the beach, hang out in Province Town and avoid sharks by avoiding seals. – Shout out to sharks: You guys are great!

I wore this outfit on a trip to Provincetown which is one of my favorite places to find cool stuff. I always end up buying some interesting clothing and accessories when I’m there.


I always make it a point to stop in Marine Specialties. I’ve been going there since I was a little kid. It was weird old store that smelled like fish and sold old license plates and military surplus and now it’s pretty much the same except there’s more toys and clothing there now and its smells slightly less like fish. My parents hate it and I love it. I love it so much. I might be crazy but I just don’t care. It’s awesome.

I also always hit up Toko, a fantastic, reasonably priced accessories store where I’ve gotten quite a few of my favorite pieces.

Camouflage! Kind of!

P-Town also has lots of fun street art everywhere…and yeah it’s pretty weird, but like, the awesomist kind of weird.

I don’t get it but I appreciate the spirit of shitting on some government person, which is what I think this is about.

Also something about shark week. Great whites seem to love the Cape so now there’s this big shark statue in P-Town that you can take a picture of yourself with. I had to kick 10 children and 47 European vacationers to get a photo with this thing alone. Worth it? Naw. I didn’t kick nearly enough children. (Note: No actual children were kicked during the making of this blog post…I just wanted to.)


During my time at on the Cape we also hit up Keltic Kitchen in Yarmouth. (Cape Cod loves incorrectly using the letter ‘k’ in every since instance they possibly…KAN! HA! I DID IT!) Anyway, it’s pretty much the greatest  breakfast place in the universe, so, with out your consent I bring you: PICTURES OF FOOD!


Ok just one picture, but seriously it’s great. Lots of amazing takes on pancakes and french toast, full Irish breakfast PLUS they make their own bread. Hell yeah.


I should probably talk about my outfit now. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I got this thing at Wet Seal. Am I 16? No. Do I care? No, I can buy alcohol legally now, this is much better. I’m a big fan of crop tops, matching separates and what has been described to me as “boob cage” shirts, and this has all of those things.


I got the little lemon purse from Primark, which is adorable and beaded and everything ever I’ve wanted in a purse except the for fact that I can barely fit anything in it. This is a purse for someone with a car or a significant other wearing cargo pants. And man, if you are in the cargo pants category…maybe its time to rethink some things.

The pink nail polish I’m wearing is from Essie in Watermelon. The green nail polish is from the Gap in Mint. I got the little nail embellishments from Primark.

And with that, the summer is gone! On to the season of pumpkin spice!