I Wear The Black Hat

At long last! Fall is here and up until recently, it’s been a particularly warm one. I was still feeling a bit beachy, but wanted to embrace the gothiness of fall, which is how this whole outfit happened.

And oh man this hat. This is most certainly a hat. A hat that is most certainly a commitment. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures just how gigantic it is, but that’s kind of the point. If you don’t want to be noticed this is not the hat for you. It is also not the hat for you if you happen to walk around in windy places because it will blow off your head, pretty much immediately. That being said, I love the damn thing. I got it in a delightful little store in Martha’s Vineyard that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of. My memory has been blocked by the sheer vastness of this hat.

At long last! I have the power to block out the sun!

I got the skirt in a Tibetan gift shop, aptly named Tibetan Gift Shop while I was in Chatham, Cape Cod. Everything there is pretty funky and inexpensive, which is the exact opposite of every other store in Chatham. The earrings are from Nomad in Cambridge, MA and the necklace and sandals are from Primark. And yes, the sandals do in fact, have little flamingos all over them. Flamingos were my primary objective during that purchase.


Me, the first time I met my hat. We’ve been in love ever since.


Long skirts and giant hats are not my jam when it comes to stuff to wear on stage, so instead I wore this to my friend’s/fellow lady comic Emily Ruskowki’s album recording. She was awesome and hilarious as usual. After the show we all had cake, so really, a win on all counts.



Make sure to keep your eyes open for her album, Nailed It, coming soon to an internet near you!