If You Say I Look Like That Frozen Chick I Will Smash You

Oh boy, things have gotten costume-y as of late, but I promise you, dear reader(s?), I do, on occasion wear normal person clothing. NOT TODAY THOUGH!

I wasn’t actually planing on doing a post about this, but since it’s holiday appropriate I felt like I should go for it. I made/assembled this costume for a musical number from Grease 2 I was doing as part of Laughter Risk, a late night comedy variety show at Improv Boston. And yes, there was a Grease 2. As a person who performed in Grease in high school, I was surprised as well.




The song we did was ‘Girl for all Seasons’ which called for a) girls and b) seasons. We had mostly girls and all of the seasons so we pretty much nailed it. Each of us in the number represented a month. I was, obviously I hope, the month of January, so I figured I’d go full on snow queen.


This costume doesn’t exactly scream ‘JULY!’


The dress is something I wore for New Years Eve awhile ago. After 3 long years I finally found the right bra to wear with it. Clearly, ladies evening wear is only meant for 12 year old boys, which I find rather confusing.

I digress. I found some cheap snowflake ornaments at Micheal’s and safety pinned them to the dress in random spots. I also used a wig from an old Halloween costume (Daenerys! The Mother of Dragons!), wore a bunch of blueish makeup and once again brought back that super light foundation I used for my Marie Antionette costume.


Showbiz! It’s crowded.


Lastly, and of course the thing I spent the most time on, was the crown. Could I have gotten away with no crown at all? Probably…but come on you guys, I can never resist a making good crown.

First I cannibalized an old headband. I pulled the old flowers off of it and wrapped it with blue ribbon, held in place by tacky glue. Then, I bought a bunch of wintery floral stuff that was on crazy discount, because a month before Christmas, everything is already almost gone and on clearance. I don’t pretend to understand the world, I just let it work for me.




I stripped off the ribbony stuff that held everything in a single bunch off the white branches so I could use individual branches. Then I wrapped/hot glued the wire parts around the headband. I stripped the blue sparkly thing apart as well and glued them directly to the branch things. To finish it up I hot glued/wrapped the big white flowers around the headband and BAM! Winter flower crown.


This photo is almost as blurry as everyone’s memory of Grease 2.


Admittedly, I feel like I could have done a little better on it if I had more time, but I pretty much slapped this together over the course of a couple of hours, so I did what I could. I think it looks pretty nice considering the time constraint, but it did end up poking me in the head, kind of a lot.

Hey, if it isn’t at least sort of uncomfortable, it’s not really a costume.

Over all the show was a blast and everyone had a great time putting together their costumes. Also, it turns out Grease 2 has a hot British guy in it, so hey, give it a chance.

Until next time!

<3 Christa