Sometimes Things are Awesome and Sometimes Things are Plaid

Comedy: Sometimes it’s kind of horrible and other times it’s totally amazing. One day you’ll be playing a 1,400 seat room and the next you’ll be doing in a show for 7 people in Worcester who absolutely hate you. It’s a little like having a shitty boyfriend that you can never quite let go of. Sure, it’ll treat you like crap most of the time, but every once and awhile it does something nice and you’re sucked right back in. About a week ago the comedy gods smiled upon me and I got to open for Michael Che from SNL at Boston University. Hell yes!*

I had never done a college show this size before, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. The show itself was in the student union, which I couldn’t fathom having enough space to accommodate many people, but I forgot BU is a giantass college with a bunch of giantass buildings. (You know I’m classy cuz I attach the word ass to everything.)

Yes, I asked for a picture. Do I feel weird about it? Absolutely, but I’m posting it anyway.

Anyway, we actually had to walk through the campus cafeteria in order to get to the performance space, which was a little surreal. Mostly, it reminded me that even though I thought I was an adult in college, it’s kind of a hard sell when all your meals are pre-paid for with the swipe of a pretend credit card with the cartoon of a an anthropomorphic tiger (or terrier in BU’s case) mascot on it.

The show was in a packed (1,400 seat) meeting space. To date that’s the largest room I’ve done. The Wilbur is about 1,200, so it’s pretty similar. You have to handle performing for really large audiences a bit differently than in smaller spaces, but it’s not as dissimilar as you’d think. Mostly, it’s just a matter of pacing.


IMG_4118 copy
Me, making a dumb face.


The show itself went great, the audience was awesome, Michael Che killed it and was super nice. All around a great night.

Unfortunately, no one was taking photos of the show, so I didn’t get a pic of myself or Che on stage, but here is a terrible photo I tried to take from backstage after my set. It’s awful! The lighting on the stage was a little crazy, so the only thing I really got was the video screen. Alas!


I am super good at photography.


….and here’s a pic of me at a sparsely attended show in NYC with a similar outfit. Comedy is a cruel mistress.


Me at a show in NYC wearing mostly the same stuff.


The dress itself looks like it could have come from a Hot Topic, but I’m super classy, so I got it from Rainbow, which is a terrible store, with terrible clothing. Once and awhile you can sift though the crap and find something cool, which is how I found this dress. The belt is from Fossil, the earrings are from Nomad, one of my favorite stores in Cambridge and the necklace was from the clearance section of an H&M. I’m not that cool, you guys. It’s fine.




Oh and by the way, I performed with a sprained ankle and those boots were the only shoes I wasn’t terrified of falling on my face in. The first time I fell on my face (which caused the sprain) was when I was on a date, because ya know, I am super cool. Like REALLY SUPER COOL. Really. I’m cool. I promise.


The BU wall of fame, featuring the ladies from Broad City!


Sometimes comedy is good to me and I get to do really cool things like opening up for Michael Che. It’s kind of what keeps me going during the lulls of horribleness. I always appreciate the good stuff and at least the shit gives me some good stories.


Want to catch me live? The Women in Comedy Festival is coming April 19-23! I’ll be on a bunch of shows this year, plus the show I produce, Broad Appeal, will be getting a special showcase! Get tix while you can!




*I’m sure the rest of this year will be just awful!