Candy Striped Spring!

Ahh Easter! That special time of year when you travel back home to eat a bunch of ethnic food, hang out with family, color eggs and something about Jesus. I’m a big fan of both food and decorating things so I’m all about this. What I’m not all about is the 9 hour bus ride I took to get me there, but I digress.

We had a great night of ALL OF THE FOOD EVER on Saturday with friends and relatives, followed by EVEN MORE OF ALL OF THE FOOD EVER when we went to brunch the next day. Good times all around.


Girly shit.


I wore this dress to brunch. I got it from Lindy Bop. They’ve got tons of adorable, reasonably priced retro inspired dresses in a wide variety of sizes. I love this wiggle dress, but a lot of Lindy Bop stuff is made for people who are extremely busty (not me) so I had to make due and wear a super padded bra plus these weird cleavage enhancer things. (Basically little fake boobs.)


To be fair, they are pretty fun to squeeze.


They’re weird and I hate them and I was totally paranoid about having one fall out the whole time but they got the job done. I wouldn’t have worn these normally (#feminism) but it was easier and cheaper than taking the dress to a tailor. I felt a little weird even entertaining the idea of wearing them but they were like $6 from Primark, so it was worth the easy fix (#sorrynotsorry).


These boobs are lies.


I got the necklace from the Brimfield antique show. It’s a GIANT amazing antique fair that happens 3 times a year in Brimfield, MA. It’s an outdoor expo with of a wide variety of vendors, so you can always find something great. I got this particular piece from a place that was selling lots of old costume jewelry for super cheap.

The purse is actually the same one I used for my prom, a thousand years ago.




I used a mint green color for my nails and painted a confetti sparkle polish over it. I did my hair based on a style in The Art of Hair: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Braids, Buns, Curls And More  by Rubi Jones. What I did looks pretty complicated but only took me about 10 minutes.


I gots roots for days.


Basically, you just make a high pony tail, separate it into 3 sections and then pin the crap out of it in little intertwining loops on the top of your head. Then I classed it up with some pearly hair pins. This style works great with long hair and classes any outfit up without too much work.


Easter: The best time for adorable food.


That’s about all for now! Next up: Some Women in Comedy Festival goodness!


IMG_4450 copy
Shhh…My parents will hear and ask why I am taking stupid photos of myself.