Jumpsuit into the Women in Comedy Festival! (See what I did there?)

Jumpsuits. I love them for some reason. Sure, you have to get almost completely naked to use the bathroom but unless you’re going to be doing a lot of drinking and using a gross port a potty (not recommended), it’s usually worth it. I mean, it looks like I’m wearing shorts AND pants AND a dress AT THE SAME TIME. That’s damn near impossible.

I took these photos awhile ago, thought I lost them, found them and ended up wearing the same outfit to one of my shows at the Women in Comedy Festival (WICF). Hell yeah!


Some people call it “exploring the performance space,” I call it “doing a weird thing with my arm.” (Photo credit Jen Vesp)


After a year hiatus, WICF came back with a vengeance with tons more shows and fantastic comics than ever before. My lady focused comedy show, Broad Appeal was even featured as part of the festival.


Comedy accomplished!


It was a fantastic week of comedy. It was great being able to hang out with my comedian friends from out of town that I hadn’t seen in awhile. And yeah, we went to brunch. We ARE ladies after all. This is a stereotype I cannot escape.


Behold: My insistence upon never removing my fingerless gloves
Behold: My insistence upon never removing my fingerless gloves


I got the jumpsuit as well as the nail embellishments from Primark in downtown Boston. The nail embellishments are super cheap and aren’t too difficult to put on. You basically need to drop one on when your nail polish is still wet and kind of hope for the best. Using tweezers usually helps. After that you just paint a top coat over it and you’re all set. The polish itself is from Milani in the color Gilded Rocks. It’s a great rose-gold color that pretty matches with anything.




I didn’t wear too much jewelry with this outfit, since the pattern kind of did the work for me, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to wear my sugar skull earrings.

I was pleasantly surprised to get quite a few compliments on this outfit, despite the fact that I looked like I was wearing confusing ’70s pajamas, but ya know, classier. I’ll take it!


(Photo credit Jen Vesp)

Another awesome WICF accomplished! I’m already looking forward to next year!


To find more about the Women in Comedy Festival go here! Not only do they sponsor a full week of lady comedy awesomeness, they also have several events going on throughout the year. Check it!