A Rose by Any Other Name…is Probably a Knock Off

Summer! It’s here! As such, I have bought far more clothing than is actually wearable proportionate to the about of days it’s going to be weather appropriate! I take my 3 months of summer and I run with them.



I was still hanging around New York the day after the Mermaid Parade. Coincidentally, my parents and our family friends happened to be in town that weekend as well, so we hung out with them the next day.


I also hung out with this little fluffy maniac.


I thought it might be funny to post a photo of my dad in my Marie Antionette wig…but I figured he would NOT be cool with that.

Anyway, everyone wanted to see what ‘real’ New York was like. Since me and my brother have no idea what what actually means, we took them to a bunch of bars instead.


Close enough!


I took these photos at my brother’s awesome little outdoor space. The light was a little weird that day, so I didn’t too many good trellis pics but anything’s better than the annoying dark hallway I usually have to take my photos in. My apartment might just be the worst place to take photos ever, as evidenced by damn near every photo I have taken there. Also, my garbage disposal is broken and I don’t feel like calling my landlord about it, cuz human contact. Uugh.


Some call it ‘moody’ I call it, ‘not really a great photo when you can’t see the dress and technically this is a fashion blog.’


The dress is from Primark, the European version of H&M, which coincidentally, also happens to be European. The jean jacket is from Buffalo Exchange, a consignment shop chain. I bought the necklace at Artbeat, an awesome arts festival full of venders selling their wares in Davis Square in Somerville. (This year’s Artbeat is July 14-15, so get ready!) I bought the earrings for 50¢ on clearance and the bracelet is from Lou lou.



….oh and just in case anyone is wondering, that cup I’m holding as the main image of this post is empty. SHOWBIZ!