Popsicle Jumpers FOR AMERICA!

Instagram ads. They totally work on me and I hate it. I hate it so much. Fortunately, this time I wasn’t tricked into buying navy blue lipstick that only looks good on very specific IG models with very specific lighting…this time.


Baking: Another one of my talents that is not profitable in any way.


What I did get was this adorable jumper from Tipsy Elves. They recently corned the ugly Christmas sweater market and became a ridiculous clothing retailer for all seasons. Nostalgia value definitely influenced my purchase on this one. The ice cream truck that came around my neighborhood when I was a kid always had Bomb Pops.

After the brief rush of buying a thing I knew I didn’t need, I realized I didn’t even like Bomb Pops because seriously, why the hell would anyone get one of those when you can get anything that has chocolate in it? I also remember having this same exact thought when I was roughly 8 years old.



But I digress. I really do like this jumper, and despite the fact that I never really liked Bomp Pops, I’m a sucker for cute patterns. I wore this to a 4th of July BBQ, which was a tenuous decision and not just because my ex was there. Generally speaking, when drinking is involved I try to avoid jumpers because using the bathroom is at best a pain and at worst a horrifying nightmare in which the entirety of what covers your skin meets a gross bathroom floor. Me and this particular bathroom floor go way back, so I wasn’t worried.


And just for the hell of it, here’s what July 3rd looked like if you still had to go to work.


I got the heart shaped sunglasses from a random gift shop in Toronto when myself and a couple of my favorite comedy ladies, Phoebe Angle and Kristin Seltman stopped in to do the SheDot Comedy Festival  a couple years ago.


We came for the comedy, we stayed for the selfies.


The necklace is costume jewelry that I inherited from my grandmother. I’ve already restrang it approximately a thousand times. I have several pieces I need to restring every now and again but a little maintenance is worth it to keep a cool vintage piece around.



I took the outfit photos a few days early since I knew I wouldn’t have the time to take them before the party. This was my first venture into taking photos outside my building (literally this is the brick outside my building), with minimal embarrassment. I get SUPER self conscious taking these things, but where I took them is out of the way enough to not have anyone really notice. I know the photos I take in my hallway aren’t great, so I’m going to take them outside with this fancy natural light as long as the weather permits it.


If there’s not at least one brick wall photo, it’s not really a fashion blog.


Over all the party was a great time. I made fancy red velvet cupcakes and didn’t drink so much that I was hungover at work the next day. (Mostly, this was because I didn’t want things to get weird but nobody ended up in tears so I feel like I did my due diligence.) AMERICA!