Lobster Rolls, Clam Chowder and Something About the Beach

Summer. The time of year where is nice to be outdoors for more than 3 seconds. Since Boston is conveniently located right on top of the water, it’s relatively easy to get to a nice (cold) beach. Every year my family rents a house for a bit down in Cape Cod, so once again I traveled there to eat clam chowder for every meal and have my feet go numb as soon as I put them in the ocean. New England: It’s just okay!


Also, my yearly lobster roll, cuz that shit is expensive.


This year we stayed in a house that was set back a bit in a woody area, hence the whole forest glen feel of my pics. I feel like it would be more appropriate for me to be dressed in a straight up woodland nymph-y type get up, but this is not that kind of blog. Well, okay maybe it is, but…not today.


High heels on moss is completely appropriate.


I was actually planning on taking photos of an entirely different outfit, but in the craziness of packing, I completely forgot it. Luckily, I was planning on taking a few pics of this outfit anyway, so here we are. I call this piece ‘Kind of a punky, rockabilly looking thing totally out of place in the middle of the woods.’


Slightly less out of place on Martha’s Vineyard, but not by much.


I got the skirt off the clearance rack at Urban Outfitters, since I am a cheapskate and that’s the only way I’ll buy anything there. The top is from Primark. I’m particularly excited about the shoes because I found them on a random trip to Goodwill. In addition to being *exactly* my size, (I always have issues with heels,) they were also on clearance. They cost me a whopping $3. Holy crap!



I got the earrings and bracelet from Lou Lou. I’ve had the spoon ring since I was in junior high, and yes it is a real spoon. Really. The name of the silverware pattern is on the inside of the ring. It’s called ‘wedding bells’ because, gender roles.


Me, in P-Town, with my skirt adorably riding up.

Last but not least, I got the bandanna for free, at a restaurant industry night at Toro in Boston for Tito’s Vodka, (Thanks Phoebe!) Yes, it says Tito’s on the bandanna, and yes, that is a tiny liquor barrel on it. Trashy? Maybe, but I love it so.

The Cape was once again a great time, even though I couldn’t drink the entire time I was there because I was on antibiotics and was obviously being punished by fate for kicking too much ass. But hey, at least I got to take this weird pinup photo leaning on a lawn ornament. C’est la vie!

You call it a bird bath, I call it an opportunity.