Happy Awesometoberfest!

At long last! Autumn is finally upon us! Fall is definitely my favorite season because you no longer break into a sweat just by sitting around, the foliage is beautiful, its the spoooookiest time of year and oh yes, it’s Oktoberfest! One of the drinking-est holidays of the year.


Oo la la!


I’ve been looking for a good Oktoberfest in Boston for quite some time and lucky for me, I finally found the Boylston Schul-Verein (BSV) Oktoberfest in Walpole, MA. I’m super German, (Like my grandparents, aunts and uncles on both sides are all off the boat kind of German,) so I’ve been going to Oktoberfests my entire life.

As a result, I’m pretty critical of any Oktoberfest or German food I come upon because most of them are not quite authentic enough for me. (Think of when you mention the Olive Garden to an Italian person. It’s like that.)


This is the real shit.


I went to a supposedly ‘German’ restaurant near my house awhile ago and I was just angry the whole time. I know I was being a dick, but they didn’t do any of it right. Here’s looking at you Bronwyn. YOU SUCK AND I’M NOT LINKING YOU.

….Annnnyway the BSV Oktoberfest was a lot of fun, had some great food and booze and was surprisingly not filled to the brim with old people. There was actually a bunch of people my age! Holy crap! Usually, you have to trade authenticity for being around people who aren’t 80 years old, so it was nice to be around people you actually have stuff in common with. (Like drinking!)


If you haven’t worn a dress with tiny adorable beers, pretzels and sausages on it, have you really lived at all?


In anticipation for this very day (I figured I’d make it to another Oktoberfest eventually,) I bought this fantastic Oktoberfest dress from Lindy Bop. As soon as I saw it I feel in love and ordered it.

While it’s definitely not something you can really wear during non-Oktoberfest related activities, it’s super cute and fun and perfect for the occasion. I got tons of compliments on it while I was there, so I’m glad the effort was appreciated.


As a side note, I did not wear those heels to the fest. Drinking in a forest is not the best place for heels and Germans are all about sensible footwear.


The necklace and earrings are straight from Germany. Its hard to find stuff like this is the US, but it’s easy to find a German import shop online. I buy a lot of Christmas gifts for my family at places like germanimporthaus.com and they’ve always served me well.


The cake house! (Kuchen = cake. It is important to know the word for cake in every language.)


Also, in case anyone doubts my dedication to the German culture, below is my fancy alpine flowers (edelweiss, gentian and alpine rose,) tattoo.


Do my parents hate my tattoo? Probably! We are German so we just never talked about it.


I actually had a woman stop me in the grocery store upon seeing it and tried to speak German to me, only to be sorely disappointed. Let’s just say this is an area where my parents kind of dropped the ball. I can read some stuff and understand some stuff but speaking is another thing entirely. My high school only offered Spanish so umm…

Lo siento, no habla Alemán. Educación de los idiomas en los Estadios Unidos es no bueno. 

…so at least I’ve got that going for me. Plus, I can order burritos, like REALLY well.


Photo credit John St. Amand


Anyway, I didn’t wear this to a show (yet) so here are a few nifty photos taken at my last Broad Appeal show!

I actually did a post about this outfit before, so you can check that out here.


Photo credit John St. Amand


Finally, the 3rd anniversary of Broad Appeal is coming up, featuring the hilarious Samantha Ruddy and Erin Judge! It should be a fantastic time!

As always you can get tix via Eventbrite! Do it! Do it now!

Eventbrite - Broad Appeal Comedy Night 3rd Anniversary Show!