I’ve Got 100 Resolutions…again

Sweet Jesus! It’s been awhile. Not to worry though! I’ve got plenty of good stuff coming your way.

First of all, the holidays. They were fun and busy and crazy, which is why you haven’t seen a post from me for awhile. It was a month of a million outfits, but this particularly is what I wore on New Years Eve.

I got this dress around this time last year on clearance from Modcloth. I have a tendency to stalk a particular pieces of clothing I like until they go on sale, then SNAP! I buy them, like someone who is really good at buying things on clearance and also has some downtime at work.

I got both the hair clip and bracelet from the Cambridge Antique Market, one of my favorite places ever. (The earrings are from the now defunct, So Good).

The Cambridge Antique Market boasts a giant 5 floor warehouse in Cambridge, MA filled with about a bizillion antique sellers, and somehow everything is remarkably inexpensive. I generally avoid any of those highly curated antique markets like SOWA because the markup is insane. Most things at the Cambridge Antique Market are both a) priced fairly and b) not covered in dust and grime. This is a remarkably difficult thing to find in regards to flea markets.



And OMG you guys, these tights! I bought them off of Amazon. The photo doesn’t quite do them justice but they were everything I hoped they’d be…For the roughly 4 hours I managed to get away without ripping them apart. (I knew this going in because I read the reviews.)

Awesome as they are, fishnets and rhinestones aren’t really the best combination, so whenever your legs touch they’d kind of hook onto each other. By the end of the night, I ended up with a few holes. These definitely won’t last more than a night, but if that’s all you’re looking for, they are a lot of fun. I didn’t have the heart to straight up throw them away, but I think they’d still be great to wear under a pair of ripped jeans and they wouldn’t get mangled quite as easily.


Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter: The C- of Hot Rollers

I didn’t do a crazy updo with my hair this year, since I think it worked better to have my hair down for this outfit. I bought my first set of hot rollers which were…meh. Technically they got the job done, but the clips barely held at all and the rollers didn’t quite get hot enough.

I had to leave the rollers in about 45 minutes, just to get the curls to stay instead of the recommended 10. My hair is long and thick so I kinda expected this, but I think I should have bitten the bullet and just gone better quality hot rollers. Still, it saved me time, since curling my hair usually takes me about 2 hours, but the curl usually holds much better. Basically, its my fault I bought something crappy. I should have read the reviews on this one, but I didn’t. You live you learn.


Lastly, as usual I did my own nails. I used a burgundy nail polish and painted some glitter polish over it. After that I threw a couple of diamonds on the accent nail and used a top coat.

Over all the night was great (until my bf broke up with me 2 weeks later and now everything feels kind of awful in retrospect.) But fuck it, I looked good and I’d hate to waste these pictures.



The day before New Years Eve I performed at the last night at the Comedy Studio’s Hong Kong location. (In a few month’s they’ll be setting up shop in a beautiful new place in Somerville!) It was a fantastic show filled with amazing comics and was a great send off.


Me, some famous comics, some close friends, and a few random people who who jumped on stage when we were trying to take a group photo.
A ridiculous pic of me and the boss man, Rick Jenkins.

On to 2018! Let’s hope it’s not horri- Oh fuck it I don’t even care anymore.