Well, hello there! I’m Christa.

I’m standup comic, writer and graphic designer from Boston. (Basically, I don’t sleep.) I’ve always loved clothes, because, despite the fact that I am a stand up comic, I am also a girl. This is like, craaaaazy to some people. I digress.

Most of my pieces I find at a combination of vintage stores, thrift/consignment shops, funky online stores and things out of the bargain bin. I found my favorite scarf in an alley in downtown Boston. I know that seems gross, but it’s like, a really great scarf. You’ll find more selfies of me in grimy comedy club bathrooms than of me on luxurious vacations.

What I’m saying is, you’ll actually be able to afford the stuff you see here. Just cuz you are a poor art nerd, doesn’t mean you have to dress like one.

Unless, that’s your thing.


The Name

‘Funny for a girl.’ 
One most annoying, backhanded compliments you can get as a lady comic.

‘Stylish for a stand up.’
Not all comedians are slobs…just…uh…most of us.

The name is tongue-in-cheek so don’t freak out on me.


Interested in my comedy nonsense? Go to christaweiss.com!

Want to read more of my writing? Go to unscenecomedy.com!